What Is Social Media Marketing?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Any post by a corporation on a social media platform can be considered a kind of social media marketing, and it's important to consider and find an effective "voice" for your company's social media accounts before you start posting. Whether it's on Facebook, on Twitter, or other social media, the rules are the same.

What is Social Media Marketing For?

Most brands use social media to develop awareness of their brand. These make up the standard corporate communication arsenal of social media marketers, including advertisements, product launches, special event announcement, and sales. Discount codes, feel-good stories about employees, and photos of corporate events all fit within this type of social media marketing. It's effectively advertising, a mostly one-way stream of information passing from the company to the customer.

But social media enables two-way communication, and can therefore go beyond mere advertising, providing a customer service and communications hub for your brand. From providing support for your customers to encouraging your best customers to become evangelists for your business, customer service communication makes up the remainder of social media marketing.

Even if you only want to build brand awareness, customers will force you into customer service. Customers understand social media to be a place where they can communicate back and forth with brands. So, if your brand has a social media presence, customers will contact you with customer service requests. And if they don't get a response, they'll be unhappy, and they'll let everyone know. So, if you're planning on hanging up a social media marketing shingle, be ready to handle a significant volume of complaints and questions.

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