Connect to the Social Feels Twitter Analysis report

This article tells you how to install the Social Feels Twitter Analysis report, and how to connect to the data sources.

Install the app
  1. Click the following link to get to the app Social Feels Twitter Analysis

  2. Once you're on the App's Appsource page, click GET IT NOW.


  3. Enter the email address.


  4. To download the Social Feels app, you need a Power BI Pro license. You can try it a free trial for 60 days before purchasing the subscription


  5. When prompted , click Install. Once the app has installed, you will see it on your Apps page.

Connect to Data Sources
  1. Click the icon on your Apps page to open the app.

  2. On the splash screen that appears choose Explore App.


  3. To connect your data, Click Here to learn more.


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